One of the most common sights around the coast of the Maltese Islands is the traditional boat called "Il-Luzzu" (pronounced loot-su). Luzzu is also a Quality Assessment Framework for Linked Open Datasets. Download the latest version here.


Please note that most of the pages are outdated at the moment. I am still working on Luzzu on a request/issue basis for the time being, however, I plan to release a new version of the framework and update the website till the end of the year. In the meantime, do not hesitate to drop a mail or open an issue if you require some assistance.

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Ontology Driven Backend

Luzzu is based on a semantic schema backend, making its data interoperable with other semantic frameworks.

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Big Data Ready

Having hundred triples or billion triples makes no difference. The Luzzu stream processor scales linearly to the amount of triples available in a dataset.

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Intuitive Metric Description

Define domain specific metrics using declarative patterns instead of implementing complex Java classes or XML.

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Quality-Driven Ranking

Luzzu offers the possibility of ranking assessed datasets using the quality metadata attached to these LOD datasets.

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