About Luzzu

Traditional Maltese fishing boat
Luzzu: Traditional Maltese Fishing Boat - Daniel Stout (CC-BY-SA-2.0)

One of the most common sights around the coast of the Maltese Islands is the traditional boat called "Il-Luzzu" (pronounced loot-su). "Il-Luzzu" is an eye-catching boat that is brightly painted in shades of brownish-red, yellow and blue. A pair of Osiris eyes are usually painted at the bow. This was done in order to protect the fishermen from any bad luck.

Luzzu is also a Quality Assessment Framework for Linked Open Datasets. It is a generic framework based on the Dataset Quality Ontology (daQ), allowing users to define their own quality metrics. We aim to provide an integrated platform that:

  1. assesses Linked Data quality using a library of generic and user-provided domain specific quality metrics in a scalable manner;
  2. provides queryable quality metadata on the assessed datasets;
  3. assembles detailed quality reports on assessed datasets.

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