Ontology Driven Backend - A Knowledge Framework for Quality Assessment

The Luzzu Quality Assessment Framework has an underlying knowledge-driven layer, based on a number of ontologies. Currently, the three main ontologies are the Dataset Quality Ontology (daQ), Quality Problem Ontology (QPRO), and Luzzu Metric Implementation Ontology (LMI).

The Dataset Quality Ontology (daQ) describes the quality metadata and is based on the RDF Data Cube Vocabulary. It is the core vocabulary of this schema layer, and any ontology describing quality metrics added to the framework (in the specific representation level) should extend it. Read More...

The Quality Problem Report Ontology (QPRO) enables the fine-grained description of quality problems found while assessing a dataset. The generic representation level is domain independent, and can be easily reused in similar frameworks for assessing quality. Read More...

The Luzzu Metric Implementation ontology (LMI) is a vocabulary that enables the metrics specified in terms of daQ to be connected to their Java implementations. Such definitions include packages and classes required to be loaded from the external jar.

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